Chipping Away at the Soul of Me

Intercerpt page 66 titled, "AfterHours"

This book is my way of helping you to know that loving yourself is a precious gift from you to you. It is the inner light that illuminates your life empowering you to create the kind of life you desire and dream. It's time for us to peel back the layers of past mistakes that we continue to carry on our shoulders and work toward forgiving ourselves. This is a very special book to help you discover your inner glow of love and learn to accept and love you first. This book would prepare you to think and act pragmatically in any given situation.

I try reaching, but there is nothing to grasp to hold on to. I see myself falling down this dark hole that’s only getting wider and appears to be bottomless. The more I try to relax and break this fall the more I feel myself slipping even more. I just keep falling and the more I do I realize I won’t be coming back it’s so deep and dark. This hole appears to have no end, but the deeper I fall the more my entire life flashes before me and all the while I see the things that appears to have brought me happiness only brought me pain. I don’t seem to remember how I got here I only think the hours in the daytime didn’t allow me to fall because I had many responsibilities that would consume my mind and drain all my energy. But for some reason, I am not afraid of falling down this hole. I see scenes from my life. I see images of my childhood the things that were given and also, the things that were taken away. Yes, I am afraid but I am awakening to all the things that has transpired in my life and landed me here flat on my back. I am no longer looking down, for I am looking up.




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