Put Your Pride In Your Pocket

How many people---your friends, your family, your mates, and your children are waiting for encouragement from you, an uplifting word of confidence after getting turned down for a job or receiving a failing grade on a test that might change the direction of their lives? How many times have we avoided taking a chance on someone else, putting our reputation on the line, and not helped a person in dire need? Have you ever thought the difference in their direction may just depend on you!

In order to give someone a compliment we first have to “notice” them. If we can just open our preoccupied minds for a few seconds a day and take the swagger shades off our glazed eyes. Be the first one to notice what’s good for a change, instead of what’s wrong. “If there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think and comment on these things.”

I believe a powerful personality may be appealing for the moment, but for a lasting relationship nothing beats a genuine concern for the welfare of other people. It’s not always easy to show genuine concern for the welfare of other people. Our basic instinct for self-preservation keeps us from wanting to get involved with the problems of others. “I’ve got my own problems,” we say, and surely we do. But we must make a basic decision: If we really want to compliment, notice and help others, we don’t need to worry as much about our externals—we have to rededicate our internals to showing genuine concern for others. Let your actions speak louder than words. Try for one day complimenting someone.


Angela M. Thomas is a certified speaker, and author of eight inspirational books. She is the CEO/ Founder of Sheerpurrfection Publishing and Teach 2 Reach Literary Program. To contact or book Angela, please call (305)793-1347 or visit www.AngelaMThomas.com


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