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Who do you turn too, when the secrets and pain become unbearable? Who do you turn too, when you’ve given it your all with no results? How do you stop the pain from seeping out of your pores? How do you hold it all together, when you really just want to throw in the towel? You may be asking yourself these same exact questions and seeking answers without any resolve.

Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us. If we are unwilling to identify, and then confront, the issues in our lives, we cannot live a joyful, purposeful, and fulfilling life. I certainly know that to be true in my personal life from past experiences.

We are afraid to love, to bury our past, to trust, to allow ourselves to become vulnerable to someone else because we are too afraid to be hurt again. When we allow the pain of our past to prevent us from being all God wants us to be, we are cheating God and we are cheating ourselves. We wear our wounds on our sleeves like a badge of shame. What we may not realize is that our wounds get in the way, but they may also be in the way of others around us. I have seen first- hand how past wounds can cripple our futures. Love isn’t the only thing that can wound us; fear, rejection, disappointments, and sometimes, just life in general can inflict wounds.

The reality of life is this, as we journey throughout this life, we will get hurt. It’s evitable that we are destined to be hurt in one way or another. This world is not designed for our own personal comforts. We will run into brick walls, be forced to take a path that may be full of potholes, or forced to journey into places that are beyond our comfort zones.

Things that we strive for may not ever be within our reach. Disappointments will always be waiting for us around the corner. However, until we learn to allow our wounds to heal, we will forever be held hostage by our past. You can rise above your past. You can choose to stay where you are, or decide that you want something better and you are ready to move and take that stand. I am not saying that it’s that easy, but are you willing to take the steps necessary to receive your healing?

If you can take the first step, that’s a start in the right direction. Each day focus on leaving something behind and bury it without looking back. You can’t keep looking back if you are seeking to move ahead. Press on. Each day becomes a new beginning for growth and strength. Think new and positive thoughts. Trust God to give you the ability to overcome. God wants to take you to the next level. Envision the new improved you, for you hold the key to your success. Speak the word and bring your alignment with what God says about you, that you are created in His image. Take a leap into your future.

Written By: Author Angela M. Thomas CPC

Moving Beyond Limits

The only limits in life are the ones we place on ourselves when it comes to achievements and success. We place limits on how far we can go and we compare our successes to others without pushing ourselves to go a step farther. We should always reach for new heights and continuing growing in all areas of our lives. We can always pursue new dreams and set new goals. We have so much to offer the world with our many gifts and talent, but a lot of us become complacent and stagnant in our growth in fears of failure.

We give up trying and reaching for newer levels. We place limits on how far we can actually climb the ladder for success. The capability is in you to reach the next level. There’s incredible potential within you, but you have to believe in your ability to rise higher and keep your focus on where you want to be. Sometimes, we give up too easily on ourselves. If things become too difficult, we turn back or just completely give up. Find a different route and keep pressing forward.

Don’t be afraid of failing or things not working out the way planned in your life. Often times out of failure comes our greatest lesson learned. Instead of seeing that as an end, sometimes, that’s God way of directing you in a better direction. Don’t allow yourself to focus on what didn’t happen or take place, because this can become a distraction and result in you giving up. Letting go of past failures, disappointments and fear would help you to continue on your journey for greater things to accomplish in the future.

It’s time to move beyond your limits that you have placed on yourself. The seed of greatness that was implanted in you is still waiting to come into fruitarian. Sometimes, it requires us to step out on faith with boldness into our future. Continue being positive, determined and looking for the great things that’s going to happen in your life. If you can dream it, you can see your dreams come to pass. But, that depends on just how bad you want it.

How many people---your friends, your family, your mates, and your children are waiting for encouragement from you, an uplifting word of confidence after getting turned down for a job or receiving a failing grade on a test that might change the direction of their lives? How many times have we avoided taking a chance on someone else, putting our reputation on the line, and not helped a person in dire need? Have you ever thought the difference in their direction may just depend on you!

In order to give someone a compliment we first have to “notice” them. If we can just open our preoccupied minds for a few seconds a day and take the swagger shades off our glazed eyes. Be the first one to notice what’s good for a change, instead of what’s wrong. “If there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think and comment on these things.”

I believe a powerful personality may be appealing for the moment, but for a lasting relationship nothing beats a genuine concern for the welfare of other people. It’s not always easy to show genuine concern for the welfare of other people. Our basic instinct for self-preservation keeps us from wanting to get involved with the problems of others. “I’ve got my own problems,” we say, and surely we do. But we must make a basic decision: If we really want to compliment, notice and help others, we don’t need to worry as much about our externals—we have to rededicate our internals to showing genuine concern for others. Let your actions speak louder than words. Try for one day complimenting someone.


Angela M. Thomas is a certified speaker, and author of eight inspirational books. She is the CEO/ Founder of Sheerpurrfection Publishing and Teach 2 Reach Literary Program. To contact or book Angela, please call (305)793-1347 or visit


Happiness is Contagious

I believe in giving, we receive. By helping someone and giving out love, I had conquered selfishness and sorrow and self-pity, and felt like I was truly living my life purpose. Happiness Is ContagiousI must confess, I am a new person and doing all the things that I love by thinking of others and striving to do a good deed everyday. When we reach out to help others along the way, we tend to forget about our problems and discover our inner strength that we never dreamed we possessed. It takes our attention off ourselves and focus it on others who are much worse off than ourselves. Sometimes, we feel as though life is just passing us by and our lives are empty. We are surrounded by many others---bursting with troubles, and dreams, and private ambitions. They are also seeking for the chance to share them with someone. We can step out of our very own private world and achieve greater happiness!

Doing good for others gives us satisfaction, and pride within ourselves. It's not a duty. It is joy, for it increases our health and happiness. Imagine the expression of excitement and joy on a child's face on Christmas day, when they realized someone cared enough to think about them. Thinking of others will not only keep you from worrying about yourself; it will also help you to make a lot of friends and when you are good to others, "you are best to yourself."

When we take an interest in other people lives they beam with happiness and pleasure. It helps them to focus on other areas of their lives as well. We can always find something to complain and worry about living in a fallen world, but give someone a little attention as human beings and bring a smile to their faces I can guarantee you that it's contagious. try making someone else happy and you will be happy as well. " A bit of fragrance always cling to the hand that gives you roses." Spray on some Happiness today.

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