Happiness is Contagious

I believe in giving, we receive. By helping someone and giving out love, I had conquered selfishness and sorrow and self-pity, and felt like I was truly living my life purpose. Happiness Is ContagiousI must confess, I am a new person and doing all the things that I love by thinking of others and striving to do a good deed everyday. When we reach out to help others along the way, we tend to forget about our problems and discover our inner strength that we never dreamed we possessed. It takes our attention off ourselves and focus it on others who are much worse off than ourselves. Sometimes, we feel as though life is just passing us by and our lives are empty. We are surrounded by many others---bursting with troubles, and dreams, and private ambitions. They are also seeking for the chance to share them with someone. We can step out of our very own private world and achieve greater happiness!

Doing good for others gives us satisfaction, and pride within ourselves. It's not a duty. It is joy, for it increases our health and happiness. Imagine the expression of excitement and joy on a child's face on Christmas day, when they realized someone cared enough to think about them. Thinking of others will not only keep you from worrying about yourself; it will also help you to make a lot of friends and when you are good to others, "you are best to yourself."

When we take an interest in other people lives they beam with happiness and pleasure. It helps them to focus on other areas of their lives as well. We can always find something to complain and worry about living in a fallen world, but give someone a little attention as human beings and bring a smile to their faces I can guarantee you that it's contagious. try making someone else happy and you will be happy as well. " A bit of fragrance always cling to the hand that gives you roses." Spray on some Happiness today.

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