The Foundation Of Happiness and Success

I was reminded after reading the latest article featured in Ebony Magazine "Think like a Mogul with Steve Harvey's Eight Secrets to Make Millions involved dedication, commitment, focus, hard work and trusting God really does pay off. As I look back over my life and through the years that seemed like “negatives" or apparent failures at the time, were, in fact, extremely crucial for my growth and the success that followed.

In all honesty, the road consisted of setbacks, obstacles, disappointments and outright failures that I've had to overcome, both personally and professionally, in order for me to succeed on my journey. There were times I questioned if it was worth all the headaches, frustration and lack of sleep from staying up late hours to complete a couple of chapters in my book. I've found that unless you are willing to risk failure and then, more importantly, I was able to take a step back and learn from those failures that caused me to grow and not only learn, but master how to be successful.

I've read and totally agree with Steve Harvey on principle #1: Be the Best! You have to dig deep and put in the studying, endless hours and sweat to become the best in whatever you set out to do. It doesn't matter your choice of profession. Just make sure you strive to be on top of your game. You have to be willing to give it your all and Try even when you're not assured of the outcome.

When Steve Harvey discussed principal # 2: Having an Unbeatable Work Ethic, I actually felt beads of sweat on my forehead just thinking about the late hours of exhaustion to complete a project and I was persistence and stayed the course.

I know there are exceptions to the rule, but I agree once again with Principle#3: Steve discusses Taking Care of Your Temple. If we don't take care of the body, we might as well give up right now. It's only going to take you as far as you provide, nourish and take care of it. If you don't take care of your temple, you will start having problems and all sort of ailments. It's just like driving a car. If you don't put gas in the tank, then you would eventually end up on the side of a highway somewhere stranded.

If you have the courage to continue pushing through towards your goals despite the obstacles than you would certainly agree on Principal #4: Bounce Back from Failure. I must Agee that this is sometimes, easier said than done. Bottom line, if we give up on our dreams, they would never come into existence. You will fail if you stop trying and completely give up. If you continue to try after all has failed, you're still learning something and you're able to decipher what works and the things that don’t work. Just don't stop trying to reach your goals for achieving success.

It's imperative that we think outside the box and build a strong foundation to stand on. This brings me to Principle #5 about Building on Your Brand. This was new for me as well when I first started out in building my brand for my business. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and sometimes, we just have to step out on faith. I stepped out on faith over six years ago and I have been building and running my business that day and I thank God for giving me the strength and courage to do so.

I must confess in the beginning, I tried to be superwoman and do everything myself, but I was sadly mistaken. Principle #6 is so true on Surrounding Yourself with the Right People. I've learned in the business world it's about building relationships as well as trust. You will cross paths with many others striving to build their businesses, but you will quickly learn who is actually there to help you grow or tear you down. There's an old saying, everyone can't sit in your front row seat. There will be some people that you have to cut loose or they would end up holding you down and that Includes family sometimes. Find someone that have your back and continue to motivate you on becoming a better you and you do the same for them.

I have repeated to myself over the years, it's not about where you have been, but where you end up that really matters. I knew right then, I wasn't going to allow my dreams to die inside of me. I had folks telling me to stay on my job and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. How ironic that Principle #7 state: Be a Rule Breaker. I did just that by handing in my resignation and walking into my destiny. If I had listened to all the naysayers, I would've missed my calling and the opportunity to inspire and help others. Be careful who you listen too.

My greatest joy is in knowing that I've made a difference in someone else life. I know that my drive has been to touch hearts of others and give back in the process. I'm definitely not in the same position or come close to where Steve Harvey is in his profession or statue. But, I'm rich in heart and love for so many others in the world. In Principle#8: Giving Back is my number #1 reason for doing all the things I do. My prayer has always been to be used profoundly by God to be a blessing to those I may come in contact with on this journey. There are so many people enduring hardships such as abuse, neglect, forgotten, or on their bed of affliction, hungry, homeless etc. There's so much more we can do and it doesn't have to always be monetary. Live to be a blessing to someone else.

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