Journey to Self-Discovery

I began a journey of self-discovery and healing. I began to recognize my habitual patterns. At forty-six I became aware of this truth, and in that awareness I found genuine happiness. I became more joyful, calmer, connected, kinder, and more generous. I felt the beauty of life as it is, each moment as it arises, and the infinite glow of being part of it, rather than needing to be special, accepted, different, unique, or famous.

I now feel the joy and beauty in being part of a giant web of interconnectedness. It’s all about loving oneself-but one’s true self, not a facade of who we are. Sometimes you just have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired to be willing to face an uncertain future rather than stay in a painful present. No longer allow yourself to just exist, breathe, work or shut down the possibilities of living a full and peaceful life.

When we learn to accept ourselves—not just our public achievements and private successes but also our failures, inadequacies, and desires—then we can transcend our fears. When there are dead-ends there are also U-turns, and if we don’t panic, bridges appear—we just need to trust that there is a way out. At any point, of course, we can get discouraged, feel rejected, and doubt ourselves. At such times, we just need to keep plugging on—and often, in surprising ways, hurdles become stepping stones and our fears are dispersed. The Lord wants to free you out of your pit of despair!

It is when we become secure in our relationship with God that we begin to allow the past to fall from our mind, heart and soul. There will be times in your life when God nurtures you through crisis situations. There is no torment like inner-torment. How can you run from yourself? No matter what you achieve in life, if the haunting things of our past are not laid to rest, you will not have any real sense of peace and inner joy. So take authority over every flashback and every dream that keep you linked to the past. God can fix us and put us back together again. It is only through a relationship with God, we began to feel whole and complete. Learn to relax, let go and allow God to do the impossible.

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