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Angela Thomas teaches her audiences that by simply changing the way they see themselves, they can produce the results which they desire. Thomas is also a 7-time author and recently released her book, "Chipping Away at The Soul of Me." In addition, she is a publisher, entrepreneur, counselor, wife, and Mother of two daughters.

Currently, Angela is promoting her book and speaking on a platform, themed: "Inspiration and motivation through Spiritual Guidance and Healing." As part of the OnTheMove! Interview series, eMediaCampaigns! spoke with Angela about her projects, beliefs, and of course her book, "Chipping Away at The Soul of Me."


Good morning, Angela. Thank you so much for meeting with us today. AT: Hello, and Thank you, for the opportunity to meet with you.

EMC!: You are welcome. Could you share with us a little more about your background?

AT: I am a wife, author, mother of two daughters, and retired Miami-Dade correctional officer. I became a writer after several life and spiritual experiences led me to put on paper what I hope will be a guide to others. I always dreamed about writing a book. My book, Chipping Away at the Soul of Me, is an expression of love, inspiration, motivation and spiritual awakening to my daughters, my husband, Fred and family. I am a God-fearing woman and I believe in being totally honest, true to myself and others. I like to keep my mind sharp and my focus on God. I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. In recent times God has revealed His will to me and His Holy Spirit has inspired me to write about my experiences and testimony to help those seeking spiritual guidance and healing.  God has also blessed me with the opportunity to become a publisher, providing me with the additional blessing to assist fellow Christian authors in bringing their gifts to the world.

In recalling my past events and then by articulating them, I realized I had to make peace with my past in order for me to move forward in my life. I had to spend time alone with myself and my thoughts to receive this new found freedom. I actually reach back to forgive all that hurt me in the past to prevent myself from being stagnant and tied to my past any longer. I realized by recalling these past events I have freed myself and in the process I am now able to help heal and save someone else's life.

EMC!: Can you please share with our readers about your motivation for writing your books?

AT: After my life experiences and situations, I searched for help in a particular someone that could relate to my downfalls and 'real-life' issues. I wasn't very successful in finding that one book that I could read which was completely honest about 'real life' situations, and not afraid of what I call, 'airing the dirty laundry.' I didn't want any cover-ups or half truths.

I wanted to know that I wasn't the only one to experience certain life situations. I wanted to write so others would be comforted in knowing these life problems, downfalls, roadblocks, and stumbles that may seem like failures and impossibilities, can be (overcome). I want people to know that they can get up and start over again with God's power.

You can be healed and find peace again. It really helps when you could pick up a book to read and know that someone else understands your struggles and found their way back.

EMC!: Angela, to date you have written and published 3 books, from a writing perspective, what was different about the process of writing Chipping Away at The Soul of Me.

AT: Well, in writing and publishing my first two books, I have learned that experience and 'trials and errors' are the best teachers. Through the mistakes and not-so--great judgments I encountered with my first book, I was able to (see and) make the corrections with my second book. I believe the more I write and educate myself, the better I will become. Know that you are going to make mistakes along the way it is a learning process; and always remember to do your research and have patience with yourself.

EMC!: That's an powerful overview which conveys the undeniable correlation between 'trial and error.' Angela, tell us about the overall reception of your books. Have you received any negative feedback?

AT: The overall reception of my books has truly been a Blessing from all the positive feedbacks I have received. I have received nothing but praises and comments on how much my book has not only been a help to someone , but a blessing as well. I constantly receive comments and feedback of how individuals have 'finally found someone who understands' and has experienced (similar) downfall and disappointments and somehow, found the strength and courage to express it through writing. This allows the healing to begin for all others. EMC!: In your opinion, what are the steps to ensure that an individual avoid self-sabotage of any kind, and how is it recognize it in its earliest stages? AT: Start by removing all fear and believe (you) can succeed and recover no matter what the situation may seem like. Learn not to beat up on yourself if you make a mistake along the way; There is not anyone among us who is truly perfect. We all are imperfect and bound to make mistakes. Most importantly, have a prayer life. It will definitely help you get through those difficult times. Always try to keep yourself in 'good company' of someone who is positive and supports your life decisions. Refrain from socializing with negative people that always see bad in everything. Never put yourself down or allow yourself to feel and think you are not smart enough. And finally, always seek God first and he will light the way

EMC!: Chipping Away at the Soul of Me, contains a letter of gratitude. Can you tell us more about your reasons for including this in the format?

AT: My reasons for including a letter of gratitude in Chipping away at the Soul Of Me was to show my appreciation for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, first. I thought about all the times God stepped in and saved my life and how He placed me in this place and position where I was able to write this book. I thought about the visions God had gave me in writing this book and putting it all together. Then he gave me the finishing touch -- the title. God has truly blessed me by allowing me to go through my life situations and come out on the other end to be able to share with others to help them through. I am so grateful for all the Blessings and allowing me to walk away from my job at the age of 40 and retire. God has placed me in a position where I could reach out and help others through my writing. I wanted to share with the entire world what God has done, and what He is able to do ... if you just believe.

EMC: Another lesson you discuss is "Passion is the substance of motivation." Can you elaborate on this point? What exactly does that mean? AT: I express how passion can drive a person to do many things they probably initially wouldn't have imagine doing. When you have a real passion for someone or something, you try and give it - or them - 'your all.' You would probably (consider) risking it all. And, that is the Passion I have for Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

EMC!: In your opinion, Are there any internal qualities successful people have, that cannot be learned?

AT: I honestly believe that as long as a person has a determination, desire, and a will for something there is nothing they cannot accomplish or achieve to become successful along with God's Blessings. We all can achieve success it depends on that individual and what level you want to achieve there is no real secrets.AT: The role my faith has played in my life is 100%. Honestly, without it I wouldn't be in the position I am in today. God placed this on my heart and he helped me to express everything on paper to share with others. Sometimes, all I had was God, paper and pen.

EMC!: If you could only give one nugget of advice to someone considering a career as an author, what would it be? AT: My advice would be to first, seek God for his approval than you are definitely guaranteed of success no matter how discourage you become to never give up on your writing and publishing your work. Find a good publisher who is honest and trustworthy and have your best interest at heart. Someone that is going to truly believe in your work, and work hard to get it out there.

EMC!:Are you working on any additional writing projects? AT: Yes, I have just completed my third book. I pray I should have everything finished by June 2007 or sooner. My future project is to work along with our youth. I am hoping to reach out and help them succeed and perhaps to have such an impact that I could turn some of them around that is headed in the wrong direction. Also, by being a retired Correctional Officer who worked in the jails, I actually have first-hand experiences of what happens at that level and could step in and save them from this horrible experience.

I personally feel we lose a lot of our youths in the jails they truly tend to pick up a lot of bad habits and it than becomes a revolving door and they become institutionalized. For most if they are not reached soon enough it's becomes either jail or death. I want to not only write books to help encourage them to make better choices for their lives, but to also get involved in the schools by speaking and reaching out.

EMC!: Thank you, Angela. I certainly enjoyed our time together today.

AT: Thank you, Fran for the opportunity to share. It was an honor to meet with you today.

eMediaCampaigns! Interviewed Angela Thomas in April, 2007. She can be contacted at topcop137@bellsouth.net Further information can be obtained at her websites: http://AngelaMThomas.com and http://www.myspace.com/chippingawayatthesoulof me






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