About Angela M. Thomas

Author and Certified Speaker Angela M. Thomas CPC, a retired Miami-Dade County Correctional Officer. An Inspirational Author, Life Coach, Model and Speaker, and revelatory teacher who exercises her faith through biblical principles that include her spiritual gifts of writing. She continues to seek and find success in her forties.

I wanted to become self-employed by the age of forty. I achieved my goal and realized-life was not just about fame and fortune. It was something much greater and more rewarding to show and help others in life to achieve success and rise above their circumstance. Setting out on a journey to discover what life was about I had to first discover what I was passionate about. Arriving at where many individuals before me had arrived - I found my purpose was about enriching the lives of others with my writings fueled by my passion to make a difference by uplifting and inspiring others and in the process discovered and built "Give From My Heart Foundation."

Angela has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and also, is a graduate from the Professional Speakers Certified Network at Devry University. She is currently a contributing columnist for Trendsetter to Trendsetter Magazine in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also a member of Madison's Who's Who among Executives Professionals and have been featured in several newspapers, The Miami Times, The Miami Herald and The South Dade News Leader. She just completed a Business Training Course and Notary Public Certification Course through Miami Dade Community College in March 2013. Thomas also, is the CEO/Founder of "Rise Up 4 Change" for at-risk Children's Program. She has done a variety of speaking engagements and conferences in the professional and religious spectrum. During her leisure time, Thomas enjoys speaking and volunteers at middle and high schools, prisons and shelters to inspire, motivate and uplift others. Today she is a proud, smiling overachiever who helps others find their own niche through her writings and speaking engagements, so they can also enjoy and discover the gifts within.

Her passion is to clearly and directly help others through her writing, speaking and books. Her beliefs are that by writing and sharing truth and testimonies of real-life stories of trial and tragedy to triumph and victory, it will help people to overcome their fears, doubts and will empower and encourage them to fight to win and never give up, but most importantly just put their trust totally in the Lord.

She exercises the ability to see humor in stressful situations and to highlight what can be gained instead of regrets. She prefers to be a part of the solution--not part of the problem, and wants to contribute positively to society. Her dreams are to create a space, that is open for people to come and stay, when life throws a few curve balls. She wants to freely share with others through prayers, listening, living with purpose and learning to forgive and above all to love themselves. I see this place as an opportunity for people from all walks of life to grasp the beauty of life that is around them in each and every moment. I hope and pray that my books and open life will leave them with a "fire" in their heart, mind and soul that will ignite them into complete wholeness.

Throughout her experiences in life, Angela is determined to make a difference and strive everyday to increase the positive,decrease the negative and ultimately maintain my poise and become the woman God has created me to be, while being thankful for His grace that allows me each day to do so.


Don't focus on the times you have been defeated, and don't forget all the challenges and victories you have won.








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