Certified Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker Angela M. Thomas CPC

Certified Motivational Speaker, consistently delivers dynamic content through energetic public speaking.

My name is Angela M. Thomas. I don’t believe in sugarcoating things—I’m about exposing the truth. Revealing and Healing. I give you up in your face truth and honesty. I believe in keeping it real and No fairytale or make believe.

Angela is a dynamic, “straight to the point” speaker with a warm spirit and heart filled with passion for empowering women, men, and children. She provides personal and professional growth and development training as well as products. She believes inside of each and every one that has endured pain, we can overcome our trials and obstacles and turn them into triumphs and opportunities to become better and successful.

She has spoken at schools, shelters, prisons, conferences, seminars, book events, and many workshops. Angela is a retired Miami-Dade Correctional Officer and knows first hands the hardships of overcoming losses. She enjoys sharing her life experiences and testimonies with the hope of inspiring others to let go and trust God. Her goals are to make a difference in the lives of many others as it pertains to guiding them to a happy, healthy and fulfilling relationship by teaching them to break through barriers of being stuck and stifled.


Presentation Topics:

  • Forgiveness and Letting Go
  • Just Because It Hurts, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Go On
  • When Life Pushes You To The Edge, Learn To Push Back
  • Stepping Out On Faith and Leaving Fear Behind
  • Loving Me More and Worldly Things Less
  • Taking Back Your Life
  • Digging My Way Out Of That Pit
  • Family Is The Key

Please Note: She speaks on many other topics as well.

To book Angela for your next event, please contact her at Email Contact: topcop137@bellsouth.net

Phone Contact: 305-793-1347

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