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"Rise Up 4 Change"

Your fresh start begins with this single commitment and decision. If you want change, then you have to invest in yourself. The decision you make right now is your future. Live in the future by being powerful, not powerless and become the change you desire to see in the world. “Change begins with you.” The best you can become remains one decision at a time in the future. Life is about becoming. Our best work is ahead of us, not behind us, true at any age as long as you are willing to make the changes that are necessary for strengthening the mind, body and soul. How you will live the rest of your life depends solely on your WAKE UP CALL to the awareness that positive and lasting change is a choice. The choice is yours. It’s time to “Rise Up 4 Change.”


SheerPurrfection Self Publishing e-book $.99

Guilty Feet

A book that challenges you to let go of your past feelings of guilt and shame to become more readily available to what God has for you. As human beings, we have become very crafted and skilled at keeping our past mistakes as secrets buried deeply under the layers within with hopes of never resurfacing. This is a learned trait developed during our childhood in hopes of protecting and concealing the mistakes, shame, guilt, regrets, and pain from the past.

Many would love to right the wrong in our past, but some wrongs can’t be undone. Don’t let unresolved issues and unforgiveness in your heart keep you from living the life you were destined to live. It’s time to step out of the old self-sabotaging habits and step into a new season free from carrying the burdens of shame and guilt. It’s time to unlock those heavy shackles off our feet that has been weighing us down and holding us back. We can transition ourselves and grow from one point to another.

Guilty Feet

Chipping Away At The Soul Of Me (Autobiography)

This book is my way of helping you to know and accept that loving yourself is a precious gift from you to you. It's time for us to peel back the layers and stop carrying around our past mistakes on our shoulders and work toward forgiving ourselves and loving ourselves much more. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one in your life. This is a very special book to help you discover your inner glow of love and find that peace within yourself. This book would prepare you to think and act pragmatically in any given situation.

Letting go and moving on from past hurt and mistakes is never easy, but I realized in order to be free I had to start somewhere. "In Chipping Away at the Soul of Me," I am removing all the covers that I have hid behind for so long. I am sharing the story of my personal struggles and freeing myself from all these things, such as rejections, acceptance, pleasing others, self doubt, fear, anger, past hurt and moving ahead with my life. I pray that you will be encouraged and learn to let go and embrace yourself for this journey and see how the Lord has taken a girl like me and set me free.

The Perfect Gift

Often we find ourselves feeling as though we just can't win for losing. In “The Perfect Gift”, readers will find that they are not alone. This is more than just a book of short stories; you have been given a personal invitation to share in a journey of a lifetime. You will laugh, cry, and be utterly amazed by what this authors and/or their characters have had to conquer. Most importantly, you will be inspired to rise above your circumstances and press forward. Treat yourself and experience “The Perfect Gift”. You will be better for it."

When Life Pushes You To The Edge

Are You Living In a " Secret Hell?" Regardless of the emotional scars, the physical scars, or addictions you have been masking for quite awhile now; it's time to start taking steps to leave the hurt, pain, and fears behind. In hope of protecting ourselves, we have built walls to keep others out, while systematically locking ourselves in prison with our minds. The first thing a drowning person must recognize... Simply that they are drowning and need help! There is only one hope in life and that is through a genuine, yet personal and loving relationship with Jesus Christ. We can become healed and whole again.

Cried My Last Tears

This book is about losing, failing, learning, loving and winning in the end. It shows us that no matter what the situation has been we can still rise above and start all over again. You can find and have a purpose filled successful life. This book is filled with true testimonies from Ministers, Evangelist, Pastors and Sisters and Brothers that have found themselves in bondage and struggling with many deep dark secrets of hiding addictions. They are sharing their burdens and many rewards of receiving freedom from their demons. Learn how to stop holding on to dead weight that doesn't hold on to you, for it has no value! Learning to forgive and know that nothing is impossible with God.

Hurts So Good

It seems many of us battle with this thing called love each and everyday. Have you ever experienced feeling so low that you just wanted to give up on life, love and finding love? I wanted this pain to yield to some inner joy. Although forever changed, she express no hint of regrets. It is not about where you have been, but where you end up after the storm is over. She is not perfect, but flawed beautifully. She is a imperfect woman, but loved by a perfect God.

Kristal was devastated by her husband's unfaithfulness and struggled with thoughts of just giving up in life, but God had her life already mapped out in ways she would have never imagined.

Hurts So Good

Fallen 2 Stand

This ground breaking message will open your eyes to the truth about your own life struggles, issues and heartaches. I had come to the end of myself. I had made enough mistakes in life that I didn't feel like I could ever change things around me. With all the regrets of could haves, would haves, and should haves weighing me down, I was desperately trying to come up for air, when I felt the world was slowly crushing the life out of me. The "Fallen 2 Stand "delivers a powerful testimony with encouraging stories of love, hope, faith, triumph and inspiration. Within its pages, you will learn of God's love and how God changes you on the inside, so that you can change your circumstances on the outside.

Fallen 2 Stand

"Never Give Up"

A new release: Children's Powerful Book.

Never Give Up shows readers and children how to grow and excel in every area of life regardless of their age and to make the leap in order to live out their potential and to even drive beyond it.

Discover how you can make it through tough years of growing up despite the many obstacles you encounter along the way.Taking life on and squeezing every second out of it. NEVER GIVE UP!

Never Give Up

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