When Guilt Consumes You

I believe we are solely the only ones that have the power to let the past go and move forward with our lives. Only we can ultimately free ourselves. No one can do this for us. We can talk about it and pray about it, but ultimately if we still cling to the things that we want to rid ourselves of then it does us no good to continue talking about our pain. If we want to be set free and take control of our lives and destiny once again, then it’s imperative that we work on forgiving ourselves.

It shouldn’t matter what others may say to remind us of our past mistakes. We all have reasons for existence and I can assure you that it’s not to stay stuck and stifled in a situation that is dead and gone. Why remain stuck, when you can’t go back in time and make it disappear. Yes, we can learn from those situations that transpired in our lives and work on not back tracking to repeat the same mistakes, but we can’t undo what’s already been done. We must come to a place to apologize, forgive, and learn to let it completely go.

Why should I Forgive?

We forgive, if we are wise, not for the other person, but for ourselves. We forgive, not to erase a wrong, but to relieve the residue of the wrong that is alive within us. We forgive because it is less painful than holding on to resentment. We forgive because without it we condemn ourselves to repeating endlessly the very trauma or situation that hurt us so. We forgive because ultimately it is the smartest action to take on our own behalf. We forgive because it restores to us a sense of inner balance.

To forgive and let go are part of coming of age, of taking one’s life into one’s own hands, of accepting life for what it is and is not, and living it, one day at a time, with choice. One day we observe that something that was there is gone and that we are free to move on. Move on.

Psalm 30:2 “O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.”

Chipping Away at the Soul of Me

Intercerpt page 66 titled, "AfterHours"

This book is my way of helping you to know that loving yourself is a precious gift from you to you. It is the inner light that illuminates your life empowering you to create the kind of life you desire and dream. It's time for us to peel back the layers of past mistakes that we continue to carry on our shoulders and work toward forgiving ourselves. This is a very special book to help you discover your inner glow of love and learn to accept and love you first. This book would prepare you to think and act pragmatically in any given situation.

I try reaching, but there is nothing to grasp to hold on to. I see myself falling down this dark hole that’s only getting wider and appears to be bottomless. The more I try to relax and break this fall the more I feel myself slipping even more. I just keep falling and the more I do I realize I won’t be coming back it’s so deep and dark. This hole appears to have no end, but the deeper I fall the more my entire life flashes before me and all the while I see the things that appears to have brought me happiness only brought me pain. I don’t seem to remember how I got here I only think the hours in the daytime didn’t allow me to fall because I had many responsibilities that would consume my mind and drain all my energy. But for some reason, I am not afraid of falling down this hole. I see scenes from my life. I see images of my childhood the things that were given and also, the things that were taken away. Yes, I am afraid but I am awakening to all the things that has transpired in my life and landed me here flat on my back. I am no longer looking down, for I am looking up.




So You Want To Be A Writer

In 2006, when I stepped out on Faith from my job as a Miami-Dade Correctional Officer for about fifteen years, I knew that I enjoyed writing and sharing my life experiences and giving inspiration to others to achieve their life goals. I knew the time had come for my to pursue my passion for writing, so I decided to write a book--a book that others could read and find inspiration to motivate them to being and achieving their best.

Why did I think I could write a book in the first place? I had been writing for years on my job and submitting reports and replying to many grievances to obtain a solution. Also, I wrote for the publication on my job and my articles appeared in numerous local publications. That experience has helped me to pursue the one thing that I truly enjoyed doing and that was to write and write some more. Today, I have written and published eight inspirational books and a columnist/editor for Trendsetters 2 Trendsetters Magazine in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a writer, I touch on the human side due to writing about real-life issues that people encounter in life. It's subjects that most rather keep hidden but, seek answers without showing their face. My approach is fearless and due to many life experiences I rather share in hope of teaching and helping someone else through life trials and tribulations. I'm a woman, mother, sister and I'm a former Miami-Dade Correctional Officer and I'm married to a Miami-Dade Police Officer, so I have learned a lot of life lessons that I enjoy sharing with many others.

Before I wrote my first book titled,"Chipping Away At The Soul Of Me' I sought out other writers to get ideas and advise, but learned so tough lessons the hard way and being taken advantage of as well. To be perfectly honest, I lost a lot as far as financial but I gained so much more with those experiences and learning to trust and believe in myself that I can accomplish my goals through many trials and errors. I mapped out a detailed business plan for myself. I knew that writing a book was going to be an investment of money and plenty of my time if I truly wanted to be successful. Also, it required that I purchase a computer, printer,various software and writing supplies.

Actually, I had no clue who would want or care to read my book. All I know is that I wanted to write this book and share it with the world.I didn't have a clue about how I would market my book or when I should publish the book. I just wanted to write my book and that's all that mattered to me at that time. Because I was passionate about the things that I was writing about and I believed that others will be too.But, since I've written and publish eighth books now, I have learned that you should determine who would read the book, how you would market it, and when you should publish it. It's important that your book is well edited and designed. You don't want your book looking as if it is self-published, although it maybe self-published Looks are everything to a book's credibility--especially you first book and then every book that follows should be better than your first book.

Writing a book can be an expensive venture if you are seeking to have a professionally written book for others to read. It can range from a couple of hundred to thousands depending on the route that you decide to take. I would advise you to check their credentials and verify that they are reputable to help and direct you in publishing your books. For a contract read the fine and if needed hire an attorney to read it for you and explain it's entirety before ever signing anything. I can assure you that experiences makes it much easier to publish more books.

Although, some of my mistakes with my first book was costly in terms of money, I have to admit that I am truly grateful that I published that first book because it has helped me to reach out and help many others who are seeking to write their first book and avoid the costly mistakes that I have made in the past.

NOTE: Remember to do your research and seek someone out that has experience in writing and publishing a book and has work to show and not charge you up-front costs, without any proof.

Speaker/Author/Publisher Angela M. Thomas CPC

It's Time To Get On Board

It's time for a reality check. What do you want to do with the rest of your life? It’s extremely important that once you decide, you must believe you can achieve the vision your heart desire. Unshakable belief is an unwavering certainty and confidence in our dreams and our ability to achieve them. It's about identifying the things you truly love and following where it takes you. It's discovering what you're passionate about to begin your journey to well-being and success. Each of us has unique talents and experiences. It's time we rediscovered them, honored them, and get on board to using them.

Sometimes, when the universe opens a door we have to be willing to go through it. When you are sure about something it gives you power, a clear focus on the end result, and willingness to do what it takes to make the result a reality. If you gravitate to what you're passionate about and what you're good at, it’s much easier to feel confident in your decision making. Don't allow the fear of failure get in the way of you reaching your goals for achieving success. Just keep in mind that successful men and women have failed numerous times but just pick themselves up and try again.

Successful people have an open mind, they are flexible and willing to modify and adjust their plans to accomplish a task. That means they have taken more action after disappointments, setbacks, until they reach their goal. It does not matter if things don't always work out the way you hoped and plan, just keep going. Each one of us holds the promise of greatness within our hearts, minds, and souls. Trust and believe that the hard work, adversity, and triumphs you encounter will continue to push you through the open doors to your success.

SheerPurrfection Publishing

As an experienced eight-time self-published writer, Angela will ensure that your publishing needs are met with complete satisfaction. Her experiences of being a successful writer knows first hands the importance of writing a book and bringing your life-long dreams into fruition. Angela realizes there is a story inside all of us just waiting to be shared with the world.

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