Please beware... I'm not here to make you feel better by hiding the truth. I'm here to help you become better by speaking the truth.

You've gotta be honest with yourself if you want to become a better you!

Coach Angela M. Thomas is setting the pace and example through her books. Thomas' novels have touched many women and men, including children of all ages. She addresses real-life issues in their everyday life. Some of the topics discussed in her novels are: loving you, passion, overcoming fear, who am I, accessing inner strength, acceptance, addiction, abuse, healing, emotional scars and commitment to change. Her books are very diverse for all audiences to enjoy. She inspires and motivates others through her writing, speaking at conferences, book signings and radio interviews.

Angela M. Thomas CPC is a retired Miami-Dade Correctional Officer of 15 years working at a women and men prison. A ten-time best selling "Inspirational Author", CEO/Founder of Rise Up 4 Change, and Giving From My Heart and Certified Motivational Speaker, consistently delivers dynamic content through energetic public speaking. Also she is a inspirational writer for Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine in Atlanta, Georgia.

Angela has been featured in several publications, radio interviews on Hot 105 FM, WMBM 1490 and newspapers throughout the world. As a certified speaker; publisher, entrepreneur, business consultant, model, counselor, wife, and mother of two daughters, Angela is promoting her books and speaking on a platform, themed: "The Merciful Recovery Team that is built to last through Spiritual Guidance, Passion, and Healing within these walls. We each have an important role to fulfill during this journey we call life."

Don't focus on the times you have been defeated, and don't forget all the challenges and victories you have won.

Angela M. Thomas WMBM Radio LIVE Miami




Phone (305) 934-0471

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